The Association of
Disabled Professionals

Drawing on the expertise of disabled professionals to improve the educational and employment opportunities of disabled people

Who We Are?

The ADP provides free confidential information and advice, so that disabled people and people with long term health conditions, employers, and advisors can make informed decisions about impairment-related work issues. Our services fulfill the real need that individuals and businesses have to gain appropriate support and accessible plain English information that allows them to address the barriers they may face to full workplace inclusion. Indeed, through our email, service, we provide support to individuals and employers at every stage of the recruitment and in a wide variety of work situations.

What are our aims?


To improve the education, training, rehabilitation, and employment opportunities available to all disabled people.


To help disabled people by encouragement and example to develop their physical and mental capacities fully;


To help disabled people to find and retain employment commensurate with their abilities and qualifications and to participate fully in the everyday life of society;


To improve public knowledge and acceptance of the capabilities, needs and problems of disabled people, particularly in relation to education and employment

What do we do?

Our experienced advisors work alongside others, using solution focussed support, to find out what the barriers to inclusion actually are and then collaborate with others to find appropriate solutions to the issues raised.
In this way, we can use our professional and personal experience of business and impairment to make common-sense proposals that account for each aspect of the work situation presented.

What Issues Do We Cover?

In terms of individuals, we ensure that all disabled people and people with long term health conditions can seek advice and support from another disabled person with lived experience of the working world. We feel this is very important as we have learned that disabled people have a particular, specific, and really need to receive information from other disabled people about issues relating to education, employment, and training. Examples of the issues that we cover include:
  • guidance on effective job hunting;
  • advice on barriers or difficulties encountered whilst at work, in training, or in education;
  • support with setting up in business or continuing in business with an impairment;
  • advice on benefit-related issues; and
  • information about approaching statutory bodies (e.g. Access to Work), educational or training establishments, and employers when difficulties arise.
In terms of businesses and other organisations, examples of issues we cover include:
  • guidance on effective and accessible recruitment;
  • guidance on the retention of existing employees who may develop an impairment;
  • support to manage and implement reasonable adjustments; and
  • advice about approaching and supporting employees about Access to Work..

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