The Association of
Disabled Professionals

Drawing on the expertise of disabled professionals to improve the educational and employment opportunities of disabled people

What do we do?

We provide information, advice and support to disabled people and people with long term health conditions, who run, or want to run, their own business.  

Our experienced disabled business advisors have been providing support through the Disabled Entrepreneurs Network (DEN) since 2001.  And many of our advisors run their own businesses too!

The aim of DEN is to provide the information people need to start up and manage their own business.  We are also very experienced at finding local and national support, finance and training.

We provide information, using plain English and accessible formats, to help disabled entrepreneurs to remove the many extra barriers they face.

Who do we support?

We can provide you with support at any stage of your business.   You may just be starting to think about a business idea and need to find out about the things you need to do to set up a business.   Or you could have a well-established business, but you are having difficulties and need some additional support because you are disabled or have a health condition.  Either way, we can usually help you to resolve any difficulties you may be having with getting the information and support that you need to set up or keep your business going.  We can also help if you are struggling at work because of an impairment and you are thinking about running a business from home, to see if this will be more suited to your individual circumstances.

Whatever your situation, if it is about work and you have an impairment, we can probably help!  And if we are unable to give you an immediate answer, one of our advisors will research the topic and contact you or we will signpost you to an organisation that can provide the advice and information you need. 


Is there any information for people setting up in business?

We have produced a plain English Resource Guide called “Setting up in business?  A Resource Guide for disabled people and their advisors” to support disabled people who want to set up in business.    It has also been used by business advisors within mainstream organisations to enhance the support they provide.  Key issues covered in the pack include:

  • Different types of business structure

  • Where can I get mentoring support?

  • Where can I get support with funding?

  • Hints and Tips on keeping motivated

  • Hints and Tips for meeting with a business advisor

  • A word of advice when dealing with your tax

  • Working from home.

  • Business planning

 If you would like to know more or order a free copy, please contact us at

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